Wednesday, 15 December 2010

thing called love

the thing called love...
i was sitting alone, since you were gone.
this feeling i have, is a doubt.
no love left.
you took it all.
dont even leave a piece for me.
now i am a walking one, without love, nor heart.
then he came.
am i a live?
not yet.
memories came by.
the way he touch, remain me to you.
the way he act, talk, the way he look.
but it is not you... at all.
Am i still into you?
or no one know?
or do i know?

this feeling come again.
still, im trying hard to open up my heart.
that's what i feel.
fear of loving, fear of loosing, fear if he is not real for me.
fear that i will love him, then it hurts me. like was.
fear that my broken heart will be broken in to dust. since it already into pieces.

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Eko Adji said...

Cieee....Cieee....... Cemriwiiiiitttttt!!!?????