Friday, 4 February 2011


I don't know who am I anymore. Could somebody help me.
I don't how trust anymore. Could somebody guide me.

I don't know how to love anymore. Could somebody lead me.
There is no longer pain, on that wound.
but every time I start to fallin' love, the wound recall the pain.
Just like a warn. They warn me, how does it feels to be hurt. How does it feels to be cheat. How your loves one betray you.
since that pain recalled, suddenly I have no love to share. All a got is fear.
Fear of loving.
Fear of caring.
Fear of believing.
Fear of being hurt.
Just like was.

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Eko Adji said...

Kalo katanya KOTAK pelan-pelan aja-lah Mba, enjoy your job dululaaahh