Friday, 2 November 2012

One Man One Vote and U.S election

The United State of America, a well known democratic country. Known because of the freedom of speech. This year is a big year for the U.S, where election being held. Talking about presidential election, a question pop up in my mind. Would it be different with Indonesia's election? Or would it be the same? One big question answered. The election system is totally different. Out of my imagination. A bit complicated if I can tell. In Indonesia with do "one man one vote". Everyone use their right to choose their own leader, directly. It happens in any races, The president, governor, house of representative and local head of administration. Compare to U.S election , Indonesian voters faced with a paper within candidates pictures ( only the president ). While in U.S, every voter faced with several names that they might not know each of them personally. Because, you are not only elect your president, but as well as governor, member of house representative, state secretary, the judge and so on. One who want to reach the victory have to won the electoral college. Then the popular vote not going to determine who the president is. It happened on US 2000 election. Were Gore candidate from democrat won the popular vote, but lost the electoral college. Many polling predict this history repeated, but in the opposite. Obama predicted going to win the electoral, while Romney gain more popular vote. This is a hundred percent different election system compare to Indonesia. Where we, Indonesian, decide our own president with one man one vote.

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